Millions of individuals globally are losing their hair. In the US alone men and women are suffering from thinning hair, scalp disorders, and alopecia. Many people are lost in despair and don’t know what do. Hair loss, common for men and many women in midlife, can have profound emotional and psychological effects.

Hair Loss Center of Atlanta is dedicated to providing hair growth solutions for individuals experiencing various types of hair loss. Our objective is to approach hair loss in a systematic and comprehensive approach in order to assist in resolving scalp disorders and hair issues. Your wellness experience at HLCA will be the correlation of diet, nutrition, and the wellness of the body as it is directly inter-related with having and growing healthy hair.

Our Integrity

We pride ourselves in seeking and providing only the most innovative methods available today in hair loss treatments. Quality, Reliability, Safety and Effectiveness are never compromised in our treatment therapies. Our commitment to innovation requires us to stay informed on current development and research on hair loss in order to provide you with the most competent level of therapy and treatment.

Our Commitment

We look forward to the opportunity of becoming your Certified Trichologist Healthcare Practitioner. We are committed to becoming your resource to restoring your hair along with your esteem and confidence. HCLA has served men and women of all ethnicities in Metro Atlanta and all of Georgia for over 15 years.

Our Support

We understand the importance of hair! – It contributes to our morale, self-confidence and also how it is used to express our individual personalities. We know that it is stressful and devastating for those experiencing hair loss and or suffering from scalp disorders. It can be very traumatic, especially for women. It affects their social life and life with their significant other.

There is hope if you address and approach your hair and scalp issues as soon as it appears. Early prevention is key! We have been able to help many individuals who have left their hair loss untreated for many year.

Call us today and let us recommend the best treatment therapy designed just for you!